Julie Bottini


Julie is an Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Yoga Instructor, and owner of Jiva Reiki School where she teaches people how to live happier, healthier lives. Julie received her Bachelor's degree from Rutgers University in Nutrition with a minor in Religion. It was at Rutgers University where she started sharing her passion for Reiki, yoga, and a holistic approach to living and where she founded and was president of the Rutgers Yoga and Reiki club. Julie is dedicated to sharing the healing benefits of Reiki with other because of the profound effect Reiki has had on her life. Julie Bottini is one of the co-founders of NJARP along with Heidi Scanlon and Ken Freedman.


Irene Brouard

Vice President

 Irene started off as Massage Therapist before coming into Reiki. As her passion for healing grew, so did her love and excitement for Reiki energy healing become apparent. She realized that rather than letting the Reiki “take over” her practice for massaging, she opted to “marry them” and make them a key component in her bodywork and healing capabilities.  She didn’t want to “choose” one over the other. Rather, she chose to incorporate one Into the other as a means of expediting the recovery time from “more therapeutic” massage work.      Irene was practicing massage for 11 years when she became a Reiki Master. Her passion for Reiki became apparent when the energy work was not only successful with each client, but moreso when the energy worked successfully on skeptical clients that had no idea what Reiki was or how it worked.      In order to share and “define” or explain how the Reiki came into play with the massage sessions, she would explain that “Like an ideal marriage, the husband would provide, support and protect his wife and family. Likely, he would be the bread winner, the handy man, and the overall provider of the house and home. The wife would be the home maker, the support, offer encouragement and bring out the best in him.”  In most marriages, no matter what the dynamic roles are, each person has strengths they bring to the table, and exchange of power and control in a give and take fashion, appropriate to the task to be completed. Sometimes in massage, the client needs and wants a stronger hand, but cannot endure the pressure and detailed work involved in addressing the muscles that have stubborn knots or deep tension that a few minutes to half hour massage cannot successfully address.  This is where “spot Reiki” comes into play. Reiki energy applied directly to the area that is particularly raw helps the muscle fibers to “let go and release” whatever tension, adhesion or blockage that is stuck in the muscle, allowing the massage to resume circulation, and enable a “successful stretch-out” after a tough massage session.      Once the bodywork is completed, the client doesn’t have to endure the 2-3 days of soreness from such intense bodywork, very similar to a deep tissue massage. The little bit of Reiki energy in just the right spot or spots helps the client recover faster and experience improved Range of Motion, and circulation has been restored.      Irene was always known as a “power house” massage therapist. Adding Reiki energy to her arsenal of healing tools made her a highly sought after practitioner that loves to help anyone led to her door.     Eager to help colleagues, friends and referrals, Irene is humbled and proud to serve her community and practice by volunteering for health fairs, charity events, and education expos to promote awareness and an ever growing presence of White Light Reiki energy healing.

Karen Gibby


Karen Gibby is serving as the Secretary for the NJARP. As such, she attends the Executive Board meetings, takes minutes, transcribes and distributes the Minutes of the Meetings to the other board members. Karen’s first experience with Reiki was very informal. She said that her left foot felt like it was a “dead weight, heavy and cold, it felt like a ‘log’ for two whole years after having had a surgical procedure.” During a party, while she was experiencing a lot of pain, two of her in-law family members, gave her an informal session and concentrated on her foot. Within 30 minutes, Karen said she could wiggle her toes for the first time in years, she felt heat and warmth, and stated that “it felt like the “life” had come back into her foot!” Several years later, she met Reiki Master Heidi Scanlon, who gave Karen her first formal Reiki session. During this session, Karen said she had a vision of an Indian Medicine Man, and then she saw herself doing Reiki on people in a certain room in her home. Within two weeks, Karen found herself in a Reiki I class with Heidi. Karen feels that she experienced a “calling” and was “guided” to do Reiki. Although it has taken Karen about five years to complete her training and become a Reiki Master, she states that she experiences great joy and happiness while helping people with their needs. Karen has been building a small Reiki practice in her home in Jackson, NJ.

Wendy Nielsen


Wendy Nielsen began her journey into alternative healing in 2014 at Dr. William Bengston’s Hands-on-Healing workshop in Lily Dale, NY. In 2016 she graduated as Reiki Master from the NJ School of Reiki in East Brunswick, NJ and also as a licensed massage therapist from the Therapeutic Massage Training Center in Westfield, NJ.

She appreciates NJARP for its ever-expanding community of Reiki practitioners.


Taylor Grant

Membership Director

Taylor Grant is a Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master-Teacher in training. She is also a Certified Crystal Healer. She is founder and operator of Om Chiki Chiki, where she incorporates the two, and much more, into a unique brand. She began her Reiki training in Spring 2016, and her master training in Spring 2017. She has two degrees in Business Administration and Philosophy, earned in 2015. She studied Philosophy and Religion at Rutgers, and studied abroad at the Jiva Institute in Vrindavan, India in Winter 2015-2016. Taylor will also be pursuing her Yoga Certification training in the Fall of 2017.
Taylor says NJARP is such a an amazing part of her experience because it allows her to be part of a like-minded community and create crucial connections. Reiki has completely transformed her life in the most beautiful way. NJARP gives her amazing experiences, and she considers the Reiki Shares the highlight of her month. She wants more people to experience Reiki, in hopes to enrich others' lives as well.


Maddy Lefkowitz

Social media intern

Maddy Lefkowitz is a Usui Holy Fire II Reiki 1 practitioner and a student at Rutgers University, studying Public Health and Spanish. She wishes to be a holistic nutritionist and teach others about the healing powers of whole foods. She loves to travel to meet new souls and explore this beautiful earth. She discovered Reiki through a club founded at Rutgers and ever since the first time she received Reiki, she was hooked. She really love Reiki’s ability to come assist her whenever she needs it in life, even days after having a session. She is very passionate about Reiki’s ability to provide the tool to assist in healing. Maddy is so excited to help form this wonderful community and hold space for love and light.


Jimmy Ruppert


Jimmy is a Usui Holy Fire II Reiki level 1 practitioner. Jimmy hopes to further his reiki practice and is on his path to becoming a reiki master. He hopes to heal not only people but also animals in his practice. His journey in spiritual healing started in 2015 with crystals and has now furthered his healing methods with reiki. He loves being able to assist all living beings both physically and mentally and hopes to bring love and light to all people he comes into contact with.


Heidi Scanlon


Heidi Scanlon is a White Light Reiki Master/Teacher. She has a full-time practice at Freedman Chiropractic Center LLC and is co-owner/ Director of New Jersey School of Reiki LLC. She is also a founder of NJ Association of Reiki Practitioners along with Julie Bottini and Dr. Ken Freedman. Heidi served as past President of NJARP.
Heidi started her Reiki journey in 2000 fueled by a passion to help others and make a difference in the world. After seeing how Reiki changed her life, she wanted to share this amazing healing practice with others on a larger scale. She feels that through healing ourselves, we will change the world.
The greatest thing about NJ Association of Reiki Practitioners is having a Reiki community. It’s wonderful to be with like-minded people and to also experience the different ways Reiki shares are held.


Carol DiCola


Carol DiCola is a Reiki Master in Training, studying with Reiki Master Heidi Scanlon of NJ School of Reiki.  Carol’s journey started when she was in her teens and discovered that her touch had the ability to help others feel better.  She would often be asked about certain symptoms her family and friends had as if she had the ability to “diagnose” the problem.  More often than not, she intuitively knew what was wrong.  During this journey she would periodically look for someone to learn Reiki from but things got in the way and it was put on the back burner.  Until she met Heidi and there was an instant connection.  Carol enjoys the love and warmth shared by all involved in NJARP and is happy to have found a community of like-minded people.  As an advisor she is there to give her insight and business knowledge to the group as we grow in Reiki.