We foster a Reiki community by building relationships, networking, and continued education among the Reiki practitioners of New Jersey.


Our Story...

In 2015 Dr. Ken Freedman (center) of Freedman Chiropractic Center LLC in East Brunswick, NJ had the vision for Reiki practitioners to form a statewide Reiki association.  He shared this with Heidi Scanlon (right), who is the Reiki Master at his office, along with Julie Bottini (left), another Reiki Master.  Their shared passion for the importance of connection, and the necessity to protect Reiki practitioners from other healing disciplines that sought to control and regulate the practice of Reiki, lead them to work many long hours over the course of months to research, form, and establish the New Jersey Association of Reiki Practitioners.  The NJARP gained its official name and non-profit status on April 1, 2016.

Now, Reiki practitioners have an organization that enables them to meet in fellowship for Reiki shares, workshops, presentations and social events.  With the help of many additional volunteers, the organization is active and growing.