Standards of Practice

Reiki Instruction

1)     All Reiki Training classes where students get attuned to Reiki must be done in person.

2)    Minimum in class class times:
-Reiki I: 5 hours including a Reiki session
-Reiki II: 10 hours including a Reiki session
-ART: 10 hours including a Reiki session
-Master Class: 10 hours including a Reiki session

3)    Reiki Master Teachers must give their students manuals.

4)    Reiki II students must wait a minimum of six months before getting attuned to Advanced Reiki Training.

5)    Reiki Master Teachers must teach students how to do Self-Reiki.

6)    Reiki Masters must have a combined study hours of 100 hours. This is including practice sessions and study.

7)    Students are recommended to take continuing education to further their education.

8)    Students must be taught how to put their ego aside in order to be a pure channel of Reiki energy.

9)    Adults of guardian must sign an informed consent if a person is under the age of 18 for taking a Reiki class.


Reiki Sessions

10)    Use an informed consent form when giving a Reiki session.

11) Use appropriate language when talking about Reiki. Do not claim that Reiki is a cure or can heal specific health conditions.

12) When giving a Reiki session, ALWAYS put your ego aside in order to be a pure channel of Reiki energy.

13) Create a safe, clean, healing environment for Reiki Session and Reiki Classes. Change sheets and wipe down tables in between Reiki Clients.

14) Hand washing before and after each session. If hand washing is not available, use an antibacterial hand sanitizer.

14) We aren’t bound by HIPPA but abide by HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) laws. Respect the client’s privacy. Get written release to discuss client’s information with another party. Make sure when you are discussing a client’s information you are not in area where other can overhear.

16) Get written permission to use photos, testimonials, ect from client for website and social media outlets.

17) Records must be properly stored in a secure location per state laws and regulations.

18) If you are practicing on other people, you need to obtain Reiki Insurance.

19) It is recommended to not touch over the torso area and personal areas and to keep a distance of at least 4 inches above.

20) Do not practice under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

21) Adults of guardian must sign an informed consent if a person is under the age of 18.

22) Client must be kept fully clothed expected, during Reiki session.

23) Reiki practitioners have the right to refuse service to a person under the influence, makes in appropriate comments, or is abusive.



1)    Abide by all state and local laws. Example, find out if you need a permit to practice in your town.

2)    Provide services within your Reiki’s scope of practices and refer clients to other professionals in the best interest of the client.

3)    Reiki practitioners must be sensitive client’s cultural differences.